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THEME: Passing The Baton

On Saturday 31st March 2018 …young and not so young men left Arima and made their way to Mayaro. Along the way they stopped at Manzanilla to partake in a delicious breakfast of Sada Roti and Tomato Choka which was prepared by two of the proficient male chefs in the group. Having no utensils or cutlery was not going to be an obstacle for this group. A scoop was quickly and expertly made from a disposable cup allowing the group to dish out the Choka, place it on the Roti, roll it up and well...if you know about eating doubles at the side of the road…you know exactly what happened next.

When the group arrived in Mayaro the official part of the day began. The topic for this session was Consequences. The older men engaged the young ones by sharing from their life experiences the consequences of various choices that they made. A passionate and heartfelt discussion followed which allowed the young men to share their struggles and uncertainties and no doubt get sound biblical advice from their mentors.

The morning session completed, and a sumptuous lunch of pelau digesting, it was time for the afternoon session. The young men had an opportunity to play The SIMS, a life simulation game. Players have to work in order to get money which will allow them to build and furnish their home, they can have relationships, get married have child etc. The intention of the men was to give the young ones a little taste of the responsibilities they will face in life and have them understand the consequences of the choices they make.

Having accomplished their goal for the day the group packed up and made the lengthy journey home. The young ones feeling loved and more confident to face the world. Their mentors, a sense of accomplishment. They were getting opportunities to pass on the baton.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Posted: 12th April 2018

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